Postcode Check NL – Installation Instructions

After the installation of the app is done, you need to go to Postcode Validation Setup.


You are now in the setup. Here you need to choose your Country. We are using the Dutch (Netherlands) NL code, because this app is only developed for the Dutch Country.


When you are using another Country/Region Code, the interface will be standard Dynamics 365 Business Central.

After you have chosen the Country/Region Code, you can add a new customer. You need to setup the Country/Region Code for this customer. Now you can fill in the Post Code and the house number of the customer.


When you hit the “Tab” button, the Post Code will be validated. As a result you see that the other address fields were filled automatically.


It’s easy to use this app in combination with Customer Templates. Because the Country/Region Code is the first field you need to fill in, when you are using this app. This field is now below the other fields. When you are using Customer Templates, the Country/Region Code will be filled right away while you are adding a new customer record.