Annual No. Series Creator

Let Business Central automatically create new Annual No. Series.


  • No more manual inputs whenever a new fiscal year is created
  • Easy and flexible setup, up and running in no time


The app ‘Annual No. Series Creator’ is designed and developed to automatically create new No. series lines when a new fiscal year is created. This is done using a standard format for the No. series and by letting the user decide which No. series should be expanding when a new fiscal year has been created. 


Number of Companies Price
1st € 5 per company
2nd and more € 2 per company


You will receive an invoice for to use the app for one whole year. The contract duration will be one year. After the end date, the contract is automatically extended by one year. Cancellation of the contract is possible with a minimum of three months before the end date of the contract.



  • Q: What are the prerequisites the number sequence has to comply to in order to work in the Annual No. Series app? 
  • A: The number series has to be named in a specific way: Abbreviation document + follower by the last two digits of the year + the number of the document. This will provide you with the following number sequence, for example: PSI2100001.


  • Q: Can I determine the structure of the number series?
  • A: No, unfortunately this is not possible. It is mandatory for the number sequence to comply to the specific structure to work accordingly.


  • Q: Are the number series generated automatically?
  • A: Yes, the number series will be generated whenever a new fiscal year will be made. Please note however that only the number sequences which have the tickbox ticked for ‘Create on new fiscal year’ will be made.

Installation instructions

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