KVK Check – Installation Instructions


Chamber of Commerce APP

This document will describe all the necessary information for the use of the Chamber of Commerce extension, created by Micro-Apps. This extension creates the possibility to check information against the database of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This app may therefore only be used to look up information of companies based in the Netherlands.



The installation of the Chamber of Commerce app is available via the Microsoft Marketplace for Business Central extensions/apps. From here you can automatically install the extension and make it available within every company within your Business Central environment.

For the correct working of the app, make sure that the setting of the Micro Apps Base App is set for “allowing HttpClient Request”.


After the installation has been completed the page Chamber of Commerce Setup is available in Business Central. Via this page, the user is able to either enable or disable the functionality without completely uninstalling the extension. If the extension is disabled, none of the provided pages or action will be shown within Business Central.

Using Chamber of Commerce APP

With the installation of the extension a set of actions are made available on both the customer and the vendor cards within Business Central. These actions let the user either search for the corresponding information in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce database or check whether the information on the cards are the same as those that are known at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce database. These actions will be visible from both cards under process in the ribbon.

Search in Chamber of Commerce database

The action Search in Chamber of Commerce lets you search based on a couple of field, these fields include: Chamber of Commerce No., Company name and Postal code. You may use either of the three fields to lookup a customer or vendor. With the button ‘Search in Chamber of Commerce information’ in the ribbon, the search is performed.

After the search has been conducted the user may select a single line and choose the option, in the ribbon, Select Chamber of Commerce information. This will in turn copy over all the address information to the customer/vendor card. With this action, the extension will provide the opportunity to either choose to copy over the Order address or Ship-to address.


Check information against Chamber of Commerce

Besides searching in the database of Chamber of Commerce, it is also possible to check the information that is present within Business Central against the database of Chamber of Commerce. This is done via the action in the ribbon, Check information from Chamber of Commerce. Directly after clicking, the extension will search for all the records that are known based on the company name. This will then show a list of all know address with the same company name.

With one of the addresses selection, the user may choose the action ‘Select Address’, this will let the extension compare either the order or ship-to address with the address information that is known at the chamber of commerce. If in case the addresses are not the same, the differences will be shown in a red and bold font.

With the actions in the ribbon, the user is able to either copy over all the differences or just one field. In case the user chooses to only copy over one of the fields, the extension will give the user the option to choose which fields need to be copied over.