Variable G/L Import -
Installation Instructions

This document describes all the necessary information for the use of the G/L Import extension, created by Micro-Apps. With this app, you can map the columns of an Excel sheet to the general journal fields. By mapping these columns, the GL Import app makes the import of excel files into the general journal easier and flexible.

1. Installation:

The installation of the GL Import is available via the Microsoft Marketplace for Business Central extensions/apps. From here you can automatically install the extension and make it available within every company within your Business Central environment.
For the correct working of the app, make sure that the setting of the Micro Apps Base App is set for “allowing HttpClient Request”.

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2. Setup:

After the installation has been completed, the page Gen. Journal Import Wizard is available in Business Central. With this configuration wizard we set up the GL Import application step by step.

Once the installation is complete, the app needs to be set up. This can be done with the Gen. Journal Import Wizard This wizard contains all the necessary steps to completely set up the extension. The first step is to register yourself and to activate the trial or subscription. With the trial, you can use the app two weeks free of charge. After the trial period, you need to activate the subscription.

Make sure both fields are checked (like the example in the right picture.)

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Permission Sets

The last step contains assigning the ‘ABC.VariableGLImport’ permission set. For every user that uses the GL Import app and doesn’t have super rights, you need to set the permission.

Open the user overview page with the button, select the user and assign the “ABC.VariableGLImport” permission in the User Permission Sets tab. After this step you are ready to use the application.

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3. How to use the application?

In order to succesfully implement G/L Import the following steps must be completed:

1. In your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment locate G/L Import on the menu. Click once, and choose for the option Import Mapping.

2. Select +New

3. A new screen will pop up, under the Code-row you need to select a blank cell and enter: Import; Under the Description-row you need to enter: Import GL entries

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4. Locate the drop-down menu labeled Navigate, and click on Columns.

5. This allows for the following fields to be filled in:

I. Colum No. = Fill in column number from Excel sheet, column number 1 is the first column starting on the left hand side.
II. Field No. = Choose the field that you want to import
III. Field name = Name of the field that has been chosen
IV. Field caption = Name caption of the field that has been chosen
V. Validate field = Validates the imported value for the field in general journal
VI. Remove characters = Removes character in imported value when filled in
VII. Remove space = Removes space in imported value when ticked
VIII. Shortcut dimension No. = When you choose a shortcut dimension 3 or higher you are required to fill this field with the shortcut dimension code number.

6. See below for a visual example:

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7. In order to ensure a proper import process, please see the example below on how to fill in your Excel-sheet:

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Save the Excel sheet as a CSV-file (CSV UTF-8)

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8. To test the dimension values, make sure the dimension values in the excel sheet are added in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. First you must add dimension “TEST”:

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9. After you have added the Dimension, you need to add Dimension Values “Test1” for the first, “Test 2” for the second and “Test3” for the fifth dimension. In order to do this you must navigate to: Dimensions → DImension Values and add the following values:

The first dimension:

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The second dimension:

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The fifth dimension:

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10. In the General Ledger Setup you must now add the “TEST Dimension to Shortcut Dimension 5”

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11. Navigate to the menu and select G/L Import → Import

12. A screen will pop up, fill in the open fields as follows:

I. File Name = Choose your Excel Sheet for Import.
II. Import Code = Choose your import code that has been created during Step 3
III. Journal Template Name = Pick your general Journal
IV. Journal Batch Name = Choose your general journal Batch

All set-up and ready to use the G/L Import app!

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