Drag and Drop – Installation Instructions


This document will describe all the necessary information for the use of the Drag & Drop extension, created by Micro-Apps. The extension will make use of a SharePoint connection or may be used by storing the files within the Business Central database. 


The installation of the Drag & Drop extension are available via the Microsoft Marketplace for Business Central extensions/apps. From here you can automatically install the extension and make it available within every company within your Business Central environment. 

For the correct working of the app, make sure that the setting of the Micro Apps Base App is set for “allowing HttpClient Request”.   



After the installation of the extension, a couple of setup screens need to be run through. The screens will be used to for setting up all the pages where the drag & drop app will be visible. To view the options screen, search for the follow screen in business central: Drag & drop setup.

The Drag & drop setup screen, shows you a couple of different options. In the image below you may find the buildup of the screens and what each section represent.

Setup Drag & Drop objects:

This section displays the pages on which the drag & drop app currently is enabled, you may change here the pages on which the drag & drop fact box is shown. You may not add pages that aren’t in the list yet. Micro-Apps will be updating the list in newer versions with more pages. If you wish to exclude the fact box from one of the provided pages, simply uncheck the corresponding checkbox at the end of the line.

Using Drag & Drop:

Using the Drag & Drop app is fairly straight forward, after the installation and setup of the app a fact box will appear on the page that are enabled for the setup page. You may just simply drag and drop a file to this fact box, the file will be added to the record that was selected.

In the image above, the file would have been added to the record of vendor Fabrikam, Inc. The drag and drop fact box is also visible for the card page. Files that are where added via the list page will also be visible when the card is opened.

Deleting files:

To delete an added file you need to use the fact box to delete the item. This can be done by clicking the three-dotted square and choose delete line. The file will be deleted from the fact box and the corresponding file will be delete from the SharePoint environment in the case SharePoint is used.


When using the drag & drop app somethings need to be taken in consideration. In the case of using SharePoint, all files are being stored in the same SharePoint folder. This means that none of the files may have the same file name. Users may need to rename their files before using the drag & drop app.

Furthermore, files that are being stored in SharePoint may only be deleted via the use of the drag & drop app. In case files are being delete from SharePoint they may not be re-added later as the link between the SharePoint file and the Business Central record may not be restored. The files need to be re-added via the drag & drop fact box.