Drag and drop app

Drag and
drop app

Drag and Drop is designed to import files easily into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, by simply dragging the files to the desired area and dropping them.

Drag and Drop Productivity App for Microsoft Business Central

The Benefits
of Process Automation


Higher Efficiency

Time-consuming and repetitive tasks are brought down, so you can elocate employees to tasks they are best in!


Eliminate Human Errors

Automating and simplifying the process of adding files into Business Central, means there won't be any humans involved and so less mistakes.


Save Time & Money

Because errors take time and money to fix, this money can now be elocated to more important tasks.


Targeted & Better Focus

As these repetitive tasks can be skipped the more important core business goals can be reached.

All you Need to Know About the
Drag and Drop App

About the Drag and Drop App

Easily drag and drop documents, images and other files into Business Central to add them

Save on time & effort by minimizing your mouse clicks

All files will always be in Business Central, even if a persons state changes from contact to supplier, customer or employee

From the Opportunity-card files will be complete: Opportunity > sales offer > sales order > invoice


With Drag & Drop you import a file by dragging and dropping the file into the Drag & Drop factbox. This way it will be a lot easier to import files into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and saves you time and frustration. You can add all types of files! 


You will receive an annual invoice. The contract duration will be one year, automatically extended and cancellation is possible 3 months before the end of the contract.

Amount per month – per company – excl. VAT

Cost per company (P.C.)

Micro Apps FAQ

Are all filetypes supported?

Yes, all filetypes are supported. However, please note that not every filetype will be able to generate a preview of the file.

Can files use the same filename?

No, every filename needs to be unique. This is because all files are saved within the same SharePoint folder. This structure means there cannot be any duplicate filenames.

I deleted a file from SharePoint, but when I tried to re-upload it I can’t seem to open the file anymore in BC.

Yes, re-upload the file through the FactBox in BC. This is due to the fact that BC and SharePoint won’t be connected based on filename alone.

If I delete a file through the FactBox, will this also delete my file from SharePoint?

Yes, whenever you decide to delete a file through the FactBox it will also be deleted from yout SharePoint

Is the Drag & Drop application available on every page?

The Drag & Drop is not yet available on every single page. We are currently working on further developing this functionality. The available pages are shown in the Drag & Drop setup page within Business Central.


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