company lookup automates the validation process of 'legit' company information within business central.

✅ Simple integration,
✅ Risk free with the two week free trial,
✅ This app searches for online customer, vendor, and contact information in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central based on the company name.

The Benefits
of Process Automation


Higher Efficiency

Time-consuming and repetitive tasks are brought down, so you can elocate employees to tasks they are best in!


Eliminate Human Errors

Automating the search for company contact info within Business Central means there won't be any humans involved and so less mistakes.


Save Time & Money

Because errors take time and money to fix, this money can now be elocated to more important tasks.


Targeted & Better Focus

As these repetitive tasks can be skipped the more important core business goals can be reached.

All about the app.

The app is designed and developed to automatically lookup for address, phone number and home-page information for new items. With our advanced search algorithm, you can search for the company name and the best results are shown directly

Save time on finding the company information

All phone numbers in the same format (E164)

No more incorrect information as the application automatically enters the values

Works for the Contact, Customer and Vendor cards

Address information automatically entered in the correct country format

All about
the pricing.

The monthly price is ex. VAT, you will receive a yearly invoice based on your usage. The duration of the contract is 12 months and is automatically extended with 12 months. 

Cancallation is possible 3 months before the end of the contract.


Number of companies

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the supported Business central editions?

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What are the supported languages?

Dutch (Netherlands), and English (United States).

What are the supported countries?

The Netherlands, Europe, and the rest of the world.


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