automate knab bANK transaction imports & exports within Business Central.

✅ Simple one click integration,
✅ Starting from just € 19,- per month.

Micro apps,
major benefits.


Higher Efficiency

Time-consuming and repetitive tasks are brought down, so you can elocate employees to tasks they are best in!


Eliminate Human Errors

Automating important Business (Central) processes means there won't be any humans involved and so less mistakes.


Save Time & Money

Because errors take time and money to fix, this money can now be elocated to more important tasks.


Targeted & Better Focus

As these repetitive tasks can be skipped the more important core business goals can be reached.

Everything you need to know ABOUT THE KNAB banking APP.

Simple and Seamless Integration.

Easily connect your bank account with Business Central.

Reduce human errors.

Automate data inputs and avoid humanly mistakes and costly errors to fix.

Automate the imports & exports for all Dutch Bank Transactions.

Don’t waste time and money, this app fully automates the import & export process!


All shown prices are excluding VAT. You will receive a monthly invoice based on your transactions. The contract duration will be one year.

The contract automatically extends by one year and cancellation is possible 3 months before the end of the contract.


Monthly transactions

  • Basic € 19,-

    0-499 monthly transactions
    Includes: 1 bankaccount and 1 Bizcuit User

  • Advanced € 49,-

    500-3.999 monthly transactions
    Includes: 3 bankaccounts and 2 Bizcuit Users

  • Premium € 119,-

    4.000-24.999 monthly transactions
    Includes: 5 bankaccounts and 3 Bizcuit Users

  • Unlimited € 319,-

    25.000+ monthly transactions Includes: 10 bankaccounts and 4 Bizcuit Users

  • Add an additional bankaccount € 1,25
  • Add an additional Bizcuit user € 10,-

How it Works
Behind the Screen.

The application connects via PSD2 with various Dutch banks. The extensions also support the use of job queues for automatic daily imports of the bank transactions.

Ready to download?


  • Bugfix:
    Able to import foreign currency transactions
  • Bugfix:
    Able to import foreign currency transactions
  • Bugfix:
    Added check for bank accounts whose authorization does not expire
  • General:
    Added function for Micro Apps base app
  • General:
    Added check for payments
  • General:
    Changed code for upgrades
  • General:

    Added checks for upgrade
  • General:
    Added notification for expired psd2 authorization
    Able to create customer and vendor bank accounts from the lines of a Bank/Giro Journal
    Able to delete bank accounts from the Banking NL extension
  • General:
    Changed wizard
  • General:
    Added extra page in the wizard.
  • Bugfix:
    Added check for notifications
  • General:
    First Release
  • General: Changed Mollie import functionality
  • General: First Release


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