Adyen PSP for BC -
Installation Instructions

To be able to import the transaction into Business Central you will first need to download the .csv-file from PayPal, the import uses this particular file to map with the correct fields in business central. Any other format will not work.

1. Installation:

To install the Adyen app you simply navigate to the Microsoft Marketplace for Business Central apps (AppSource) via your own Business Central environment. From here you can automatically install the extension and make it available within every company in your Business Central environment.

For the correct working of the app, make sure that the setting for the Micro Apps Base App is set to “allowing HttpClient Request”.

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2. Setup:

Once the installation is complete, the app needs to be set up. This can be done with the Adyen Wizard. This wizard contains all the necessary steps to completely set up the extension. The first step is to register yourself and to activate the trial or subscription. With the trial, you can use the app two weeks free of charge. After the trial period, you need to activate the subscription.

Make sure both fields are checked (like the example on the picture at the right)

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In the next step we’ll decide if we want to see the payment direction on the Cash Receipt Journal line description. If the field is checked the payment direction is shown.

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Before importing the transaction a couple of accounts need to be setup, as Adyen calculates different fees, commissions and payouts. To setup these accounts, click on the Payment Accounts button. Here you need to provide the G/L accounts that need to be used for the lines regarding the fees, Commissions and Merchant payments, in the case that different currencies are involved you would need to create a line per currency code, as soon below.

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After this step, the configuration has finished. See the steps below to import your Adyen Transactions.

3. How to use the application?

Interlink sales order/invoice to payment:

As Adyen provides a Merchant reference and PSP reference in their files, you will need to fill in these within Business Central to make use of the automatic matching/reconciliation when importing the Adyen file.

To specify the Merchant reference and/or PSP reference, you simply create/open an sales order. Under the fast-tab General you will find the corresponding fields, these fields will automatically be transferred to the posted sales invoices when the sales order is posted.

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In the case that Merchant reference or PSP reference isn’t available under the posting of the sales order, you may add these manually by navigating to the customers ledger entries and entering them manually, the fields will be visible at the end of each line.

Importing Adyen transactions:

To import the transaction, you will need to navigate to the Cash receipt Journal, this is the journal that will be used to post the transaction. Once the journal is opened, go in the ribbon to Process → Import Adyen File.

Note: If lines already exist in the journal a popup will be shown to ask if additional lines may be added to the journal. The existing lines will not be overwritten.

Once the correct file is chosen, the transactions will be imported. During the import all the necessary fields are correctly entered. Below you will find a list of the fields that will be entered:

Field Beschrijving
Document type
Will be automatically set during the import based of the information in the import file: Expert Checkout = Payment / Refunded = Refund
Document no.
The Document no. will be generated based on the follow logic: AD2021176, AD stands for Adyen, followed by the year (YYYY) and the last digits represent the statement no. that is provided by Adyen.
Will display if the transaction is a settlement or refund, followed by the transaction reference.
Currency / Amount
Currency code will be taken over from the file, the amount is the amount in the set currency. Any exchange rates will be automatically calculated.
Applies-to Doc. Type
The applies-to doc type will be set based of the type of transaction, Payment = invoice / Refund = Credit memo
Applies-to Doc. No
If a match is found based of the merchant reference or PSP reference, the applies-to doc. No will be set to the Document no. of the business central invoice or credit memo.

It is necessary to go over the lines once the import has completed, any lines that haven’t been matched with an invoice need to be manually set to the correct customer. If an invoices does exist the Applies-to doc. no. needs to be filled in as well.

All set-up and ready to use the Adyen PSP for BC app!

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